Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today we had a bit of a scare

Our eldest grandson in Seattle was admitted to the hospital. First he saw his doctor who sent him to the hospital for a CT Scan ~ and to be admitted.

Late this afternoon he had an appendectomy...thankfully it had not burst!

He is now resting comfortably with his mother by his side. Oh and eating a popsicle!

If all goes well he will be allowed to go home to recuperate tomorrow

I know this happens all the time but when our daugter called and said she was on her way to hospital this morning and explained what was going on it was a bit scary...especially our being so far away and not being able to meet them at the hospital...depending on phone calls alone...that is scary...the waiting and not knowing. I thank the Lord that all went well.

On a brighter note

I finished knitting my Waterfall Bead Scarf this evening and did a three needle bind off. I'm not happy with the bind off so I'll take it a Ravelry meeting next week and see if one of the ladies can help me...that is if I don't frog the bind off and redo it between now and then. I'll post photos when I am satisfied.

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