Monday, June 30, 2008

Lights Out!

This morning I met some ladies at a coffeeshop to knit...I had a wonderful time, learned I was doing a stitch wrong (what else is new)...said goodbye to one of Ravelry members who is moving to another city...

In conversation the library was mentioned. I hadn't been to the local library for quite a few months so when hubby picked me up I mentioned it to him. We decided to take a gander and check out our local branch.

I found the knitting section...very small section but came away with five books...and hubby found a chair...

all of a sudden the lights went out...then they flickered...then we were told that all electricity was off and there was no idea as to when it would be back on...we were welcome to stay...

I took my books and checked out...but while there I noticed the number of people who came to use the computers...there were just a couple empty (until the electricity went off)...

By the time we left we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the Elephant Bar....we've eaten there quite a few times and have enjoyed our meals every lunch came to around $20.00 without a tip...within our budget...we'll go back (hubby likes fast food places whereas I do not eat fast food)

About two months ago I quit eating red meat...twice since then I've had red meat...not thinking when ordering...and both times had bad reactions....I feel better now and will red meat

Haven't decided the next food item that will be eliminated from my diet...I do find myself having more fruits and vegetables...

I'll now go curl up with my knitting books and see what lovely items they contain...already found one pattern that I will definitely do although I won't post any more information on it as it will be a Christmas gift (and they read this blog)...

Tomorrow we will go visit our friends...we were notified that she was in the hospital for a couple days and came home yesterday...figured we'd give her a couple days with her kids and grandkids before going over....

Hope everyone is having a great day...

Oh, almost forgot...the air is horrible here...the fires in California are not contained and the smoke hangs in our valley making it extremely unsafe to breathe...I've been staying in as much as possible...

Thank you for reading my blog....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Important Papers…

have you ever been asked for “important” information that somewhere you should have a piece of paper with all the information you need?

I used to think I was pretty well organized…

…not any more

My daughter asked me for some information…something I should have known right off and didn’t…so I said I’d dig up the paperwork containing the information…

I’ve done genealogy so I figured the paper should be in those boxes…wrong

Okay, maybe the “important papers” box…wrong

In the file box with other “important papers”…wrong

Hmmm…I’m really up a creek without a paddle right now

Fortunately for me the information she asked for can be fudged by a certain degree but…

This process has left me with the knowledge that I am not organized…I want to be organized

So now I will have to go through the hundred or so boxes in the house, garage and storage unit…looking at every piece of paper and deciding…is it an “important paper” – will I ever be asked for the information on this paper…hmmm…which box marked “Important Papers” should it be put in….

This is not a job that I am looking forward to…but then again…I don’t want to leave it for my children to do…

…photos are waiting patiently to be marked…who, where, when, why? my children wouldn’t know…

So weeks of work lay ahead…but I think it will have to wait…why?


I have a sock on the needles as we speak…hanks of beautiful Cascade 220 yarn waiting to be put into “cakes” and then knitted into the most beautiful sweater…five ziplock bags each with a pattern and yarn waiting to be knitted into socks…

Guess we can see what’s “Important”…

I will take the time to peek in a few more places that the elusive “important paper” my daughter called about may be waiting…we’ll see and I’ll look

Monday, June 23, 2008

Last night I finished my socks...the yarn is called "Tiger Pools" but I like to say that they are my "Steelers" socks.

The pattern I used is "Bubble Wrap Socks" - patterns by Sockbug -

The yarn is Monkey Toes "Tiger Pools" 100% Superwash Merino Wool from

I am very satisfied with the pattern and the yarn. I figure it took me about 10 days to knit this pair of socks. Hey, even though I took them with me to work on while watching grandson play ball, ride in the car from here to there, watching (listening) to television - life sometimes got in the way.

Now my problem is which pair to make next...I have a couple already picked out with the yarn ready to go...hmmm

On another note...I wish I could sleep one night completely through...and that is going to sleep around 11 and waking up around 7...just once...without medication...

I was up quite a bit last night and feel like a steam roller went over me all night. I was looking forward to meeting some ladies this morning at a local coffee shop to knit and chit chat...mind was ready to go but the body just could not move....this is not going to be a good day...laundry needs to get finished, vacuum is waiting to be used and of course the dusting needs to be done.

What gets done will get done...the rest will wait....

Fibromyalgia is not fun...every day is different...some days the pain isn't so much and some days it is really hard to move...oh well we do what we can...and keep on going...don't sit and think so much...keep pushing....keep going....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan

Eleven years!

Hold your little ones close for as long as you can...they grow up so fast

It seems like yesterday that we were at the hospital awaiting Ethan's arrival and now he is on his way to being a young man
This photo was taken in April when he participated in a Kids 1 mile fun run...his first but I'm sure not his last
Hope you had a blast on your birthday, Ethan...we'll see you soon....

Baseball and Heat

Thursday evening we spent helping out with our grandson's baseball game. Dakota is the catcher and does a great job.

Thursday's temperature was in the 100's and these little guys were in the sun playing their hearts out...from experience we know to always have a cooler with water...

Friday's temperature was also in the 100's and again there was a baseball game...fortunately the game was at 7:00 p.m. and it seemed to have cooled a degree or two...again, lots of water....

We have a couple more weeks of baseball games for this season and then it is on to another sport...Whatever the sport may be...we'll be there...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bill May You Rest In Peace

Sadly the father of my two eldest passed away this morning after suffering through a long illness.

It's not easy for anyone when a loved one leaves the world that we know. Even when the passing is's unexpected when it comes...there are no guarantees in this life that the Lord has blessed us with...

I know my children will go on with their lives...their father meant a lot to them and their children...I am sad that they weren't able to spend more time with him but I know that the time they had they will always remember...their memories are mixed I'm sure...happy ones and sad ones...good ones and bad ones...but all in all...they are their memories

I remember the time I had with him...good ones and bad ones...happy ones and sad memories...I am extremely fortunate...he left me with a daughter, grandson, son and granddaughter...I wouldn't trade them for anything...

...With all my heart I say...go in peace will be missed by your family and were loved very deeply by your family and friends...

Using my grandson's name for his grandfather...Hammerhead...May you rest in Peace...God Willing

Monday, June 16, 2008


If you ever worn a hand knitted sock you know what I mean...I don't think I'll ever wear a store bought sock again!

There is just something about a nice soft hand knitted pair of socks

They feel great...

These are my blue socks...the yarn is Fortissima Colori Disco Socka Color ... the color is an icy bluish and has a bit of polyester metallic...makes them love them...they feel so wonderful

These are going to be my Pittsburgh Steelers socks. This is the first one. The yarn is handdyed 100% Superwash Merino Wool from a company in Colorado...Crazy Monkey Creations...only thing is...the color they gave it is Tiger Pool

This yarn is so soft I can't believe it...may need to get more

Ending....if you ever have the opportunity to wear hand knitted'll never turn back....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

WWKIP Day June 14, 2008

Today was World Wide Knit in Public Day.
Approximately 20 ladies and girls showed up at the Market Place. We knitted and chatted from around 9:30 to 3:30 (coming and going during that time). We were interviewed by a local television station...all right...our message got out. Knit In Public!
Four of us worked on a "Group Blanket" - four knitters knitting on the same project at the same time. It is an interesting project. We are hoping to have it completed in time to enter in the local county fair. Then it will be raffled off with proceeds going to Relay for Life.
Speaking of Relay for Life...our knitting group is getting a group together for the next Relay for Life in our town.
Today was also FLAG DAY...celebrated all over...beautiful!

Friday, June 13, 2008

HOT HOT HOT ! ! ! !

I am planning to attend a World Wide Knit in Public tomorrow....
Just saw the weather report...supposed to be 104
We'll see how things go

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



When our kidlets were little there were times when the washing machine or dryer would go out and we'd trudge down to the local laundromat. For some reason I thought those days were behind us. When we purchased our washer and dryer a mere four and half years ago for some reason I really didn't think they would break down so soon. Oh boy was I wrong.

Dryer broke...home warranty company had a repair company come out....six times...replaced six parts...then guess what...broke they have to replace two more parts (one that was already replaced)...but the repairman has to come to the house with his handy dandy little computer...and order the parts...they can't just order the parts and arrange for a day and time to put them the time all is said and done home warranty company will have paid more for the parts then we paid for the dryer to begin with.

So, now I am washing and hubby is taking to laundromat to dry. Which that is an experience in itself. they have a machine you put money in, a card comes out, you put card in slot on dryer/washer. No money but in that little machine that spits out a card....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another day gone

Hmmm, another weekend has ended and I must say that it was a bit uneventful.

Rest - we enjoyed it...

Hot - we lived through it...

It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow...we'll live through it also

Monday...I meet a group of ladies and we KNIT...and talk...and KNIT

This meeting starts my week off right. It is nice to get together with others who enjoy doing the same as you.

When we moved to this town four and half years ago we knew one family (not counting our youngest daughter and her family). We purchased a home 13 miles from the only people in town that we knew. We enjoy our home and neighborhood.

It wasn't until I joined a wonderful group online - - that I started meeting people. And not just people but people who enjoy knitting and talking.

Last Thursday three of us met at a beautiful park and enjoyed a couple hours knitting and talking. It was wonderful.

The meetings we have are meaningful and I enjoy them.

So guess I'll work on the socks tomorrow morning. Socks...yes...more than one sock...I have one on needles and one on a daloom extra fine gauge knitting loom...we'll see how they go...

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I've been knitting quite a bit the past few months. My love for it has come back. I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I would, finally, learn to knit socks. I have and I am impressed with myself. I have enough yarn in my stash to knit at least 6 more pairs and I will!

Next on the learning agenda is lace. I haven't made anything lacy for umpteen years. This to I will conquer.

Speaking of Knitting - Saturday, June 14th is WORLD WIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY - that is a mouth full.

I have met some wonderful ladies (so far no gents) on RAVELRY (a wonderful knit and crochet group - check it out - anyways, a group of us are getting together on Saturday at the Market Place in Bakersfield, California to celebrate our day of knitting in public. What will I take to knit on...not sure yet but I'm having a wonderful time figuring it out.

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The Getty Museum
Have you visited this museum?
I recommend a visit if you like art.
My sister visited us last July from Georgia. While she was here we were unexpectedly sidetracked with other issues.
But we took a day, my sister and I and my 10 year old grandson, and made a visit.
Oh my, I must go back. There are so many wonderful pieces of art that it was impossible for me to take everything in. We wandered from one room to another in awe of the beauty that surrounded us.
Flash photography is prohibited in the museum itself but we were still able to get some great photos through videos. Now if I can just figure out how to make a photo from a video shot I'll be in great shape.
If I remember right we paid a minimal fee to park and admittance to the museum was free. We purchased a light meal from one of the eating areas they have. The gardens are meticulous and the views are awe inspiring.
I could have stayed all day.
Is it worth the drive? Yes
Will I go again - Definitely!
I suggest checking out the website for the museum. A tour of the Getty Mansion is also available. We were going to do the tour but alas, other things got in our way at the time.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New to me

Blogging is totally new to me...what am I supposed to blog about?
I've read quite a few blogs and all are different in their own way. Unique like their owners.
For now I think I'll just think.
About what you say?
Think about the friends I've made in this new town.
Think about having our dryer fixed or get a new one.
Think about the next knitting project I want to do.
Think about sitting in my courtyard.
Think about the kidlets that have graciously allowed me into their lives.
Think about knitting the heel on the sock that is on the needles.
Think about how much my husband loves me.
Think about the birds chirping away.
Think about the flowers blooming.
Think about vacuuming the carpet.
Think about how I learned something new today.
Think about making dinner.
Think about my children and what they are doing right now.
Think about my sisters and brothers and how much I miss them.
Yes, I have a lot to think about.
Right now, I think I'll go think while knitting that heel on the sock.