Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I must apoligize to anyone who reads this blog.

I have just noticed that I duplicate myself...I'm sorry....

...heck I thought I was doing pretty good that I was even posting to a blog

...I'll try to be better in the future...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wonderful Day!

Today was a wonderful day. I got some sleep last night after having many nights with very fitful sleep...

Woke up to a gray, overcast, sprinkled day...perfect day to sit on the patio and knit...but that's not what I did.

Okay, update on knitting:

Finished socks for sil (no I'm mentioning a name here, not sure if she reads this or not and I do want her to be surprised).

Two completed pairs of socks; Celtic Pennies (a YarnYenta pattern for a KAL on and Whirlpool Socks (from the book Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn) ~ these socks have been washed and blocked and are now looking pretty good. They'll be taken to the fairgrounds on Friday.

A slew of dishcloths have been knitted up for a certain person who asked for them and perhaps a couple of other 'certain people' (I haven't decided yet). Dishcloths/Washcloths are so simple to knit and crochet...I started one this morning just before leaving to meet with some ladies at B&N ~ had it finished and another one started before I left for home a couple hours later ~ and I put it down quite a few times during our chatting.

Another pair of socks has been started: pattern is off ~ the fall 09 issue that just came out...Hat-heel sock by Kathleen Sperling ~ it is an interesting pattern and I'm enjoying 'the challenge'.

Okay, one day I'll learn how to do links...yeah I have time to figure this stuff out...I have to figure out what to feed hubby for dinner while he watches Monday Night Football but first guess I'd best go put the clothes in the dryer so hubby will have clean socks to wear tomorrow.

Which reminds ~ this past Thursday the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Tennessee Titans and won! Hubby wore his Steelers socks that I knitted him this you all know what that means...I'd best have them ready for him to wear for each game this year...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Already!

It is September! Already! Well if my kidlets were here and still in school I wouldn't be ready. Nope. Not at all.

But the kidlets all have kidlets who are in they weren't ready!

Hard to believe our eldest grandchild is in the 7th grade..where did the time go!

And no I'm not old enough to have a grandchild in the 7th grade...don't ask!

I'm very involved in my knitting. I've completed socks...Hubby is wearing his Pittsburgh STEELERS socks while watching the first game of the season...Steelers vs. Titans

I've entered two pairs of socks into the local County Fair...I'll let you know what happens. I really just entered for fun...but then again...ribbons are always matter what, I'm wearing my socks.

One pair is on the needles and I'm working on the leg of those so they'll be completed soon.

Started another pair this morning...using DK weight yarn with size 4 addi needles...these should go pretty fast.

In a few weeks I'll be going to Dulitz Tree Farm. We're having a dyeing/knitting/spinning day with the owner. I plan on dyeing sock yarn and enough laceweight or perhaps sock yarn to knit a stole...not sure of the pattern yet so I'll have to really think about the yardage so I have enough no matter what.