Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday I received a knitting I need yarn!

So today we doing some research on some items that hubby and I have collected over the years...he has an impressive collection of pen knives that he is willing to part with.

Looks like today will be fun

Hopefully I'll get some knitting squeezed in between the laundry and research

In the knitting magazine there is an Aran hat inspired by the 'pill box' type. It has bobbles, traveling stitches and cables...I've knitted cables before but never bobbles and traveling stitches so I'm anxious to start on this.

There is a Mosaic Yoke Cardigan...I watched as this pattern emerged from an idea to a finished product...this would be my first sweater so I'm excited.

Back to research...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A beautiful day1

Yesterday hubby and I took a walk around the park, it measures a mile and I always feel so much better when we get home.

As we were on the way I snapped this photo...I love taking scenery photos...the sky was so beautiful

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Super Bowl

The Steelers made it to the Super Bowl but just couldn't get it together. That's least they made it.

I knitted a few rows on the Vortex coming out beautifully and I love the color (will post photo when completed which should be soon)

Yesterday we spent a few hours pruning the Scarlet Oak tree in our back yard. During the night the wind was blowing something fierce that I could hear it blowing the limbs around the yard. We'll be spending the rest of this week cutting them up in small pieces to dispose of.

But while we were busy so was little Shivers. He was just beside himself. One neighbor has a new chihuahua and the kids were out with him. On the other side are new neighbors and they have two dogs. Shivers ran the length of three fences ~ back and forth ~ countless times....he just wanted to play. He was so tuckered out that when we came in he promptly fell asleep.

Today is a 'day off'...oh, I'll do up the breakfast dishes and finish the linens in the laundry but other than that NO WORK!