Monday, March 5, 2012

Sock Madness!

Sock Madness has started!

What is Sock Madness, you ask?

Well, it is an international sock knitting competition.

You must be registered in order to compete.

We receive the first pattern during the first few days of March.

Competitors must knit the socks according to the pattern.  It is permissable to add extra stitches to make the socks larger but we can not deviate from the pattern.  In this way all competitors are knitting close to the same number of stitches.

The first round we are given two weeks to complete the pair of socks.  Those who complete the pair will move on to the second round.

All who make it through the first round are divided into groups depending upon the number who make it.  Last year we had four teams.  The teams are usually based upon a competitors degree of knitting.  Those who are very experienced are put on one team while those who are beginners are put together on one team.

Sock patterns start out fairly easy and get increasingly more complex.

After each round fewer competitors move to the next round until there is one person from each team in the last round.

This year the first sock is Dicey.  The instep and leg is a 4x2 rib.   But every fourth row we must roll the dice to see if the 4-stitch rib will have a cable or not.

My progress so far...