Sunday, October 21, 2012


Yesterday our daughter and her family went to get their pumpkins.  Each year they go to a farm that has a maze, a petting zoo, food and drink, hayride, and of course pumpkins.  This year our youngest granddaughter, who is 13 months, had a blast.  She had boots but the place was so muddy (it was a bit rainy all day) that she would have been falling down and that wouldn't have been much fun.

Okay, so I was browsing Pinterest earlier this week.  I came across a scrumptious looking 'recipe', shall we say.  So, taking their start I came up with my own version.

Grilled mushrooms and garlic...then I grilled, in the same pan, a roll (sort of like one you'd use for french dip ~ hubby bought the pack and I wasn't going to say anything.  The "original" used a chibatta.)

Then after I put the mushrooms and garlic on the bread I sprinkled, with a flourish, some grated gouda cheese...yummy!

Today I washed my handknitted socks...hand wash....I love the smell of the wool when it is wet.  When I knit socks I use wool, sometimes mixed with nylon, bamboo, alpaca, cashmere...never acrylic.

And now they are out soaking up a bit of sun...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's a GIRL!

In September of 2011 our eldest daughter blessed us with a granddaughter.  Sweet little one joined a big brother and the family was complete.


We were informed earlier this summer that we were being blessed by another grandchild.


Yesterday it was announced...

We haven't been told of any prospective names yet...

But it sure looks like Emma is happy to have a little sister join her and her big brother...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Glass is Overflowing

Over the past 9 months it seems my glass has been overflowing...

Now I don't mind it...


TODAY ~  Our youngest daughter is celebrating her birthday, I won't tell you how old she is.  She is a wonderful daughter, wife, mother, and sister.  (Just a few of her titles).  Happy Birthday sweetie

EARLIER THIS WEEK ~ Our grandson plays freshman football for his high school.  The season is almost over and he was looking forward to the participating on the wrestling team for the first time.  It seems that he won't get that opportunity.  At the football game Monday he tackled an opponent and when he landed on the ground he landed on his finger.  Our grandson that is.  After a trip to the ER and xrays...he broke the bone, right above the knuckle on his index finger.  So yesterday a trip to the hospital was in order to have pins inserted.  I don't think he was a happy camper.


     I once again participated in Sock Madness...knitted socks like a mad woman.  It was fun and I learned new techniques which is always a joy.

     In July some of my siblings and I, along with some nieces and nephews, got together.  It had been 7 years since I'd seen some of them and longer for others.  Two cousins also met us ~ we hadn't seen them for over 50 years.  We had a great time and quite a few went home with sock madness socks.

NOW ~ 

Our eldest daughter is gracing us with another grandchild shortly after the first of 2013.  She gave us a granddaughter last year and that little girl turned her mommy and daddy's worlds upside down.  She is just as cute as can be.  She turned 1 in September; started walking around 8-9 months and is into everything.  She sure livens their home up and they love.  She joined an older brother last year when she was born and he lovingly dotes on her.

I'm knitting...and knitting...and knitting.  I've been knitting socks; knitted a beautiful shawl (that I need to reblock); and now I'm knitting matching hats for the 1 year old and her mommy.  And I've cast on today to knit a swatch.  Swatch!  Swatch for what?  A sweater!  Yes, I'm ready to knit another sweater.

And, if that isn't enough, a wonderful group of knitters and crocheters have started a Guild!  I am looking forward to the education that comes with being associated with a Guild.

Time for lunch and then some knitting!