Monday, December 28, 2009


Looking out my kitchen window I can barely see the neighboring houses through the fog. Listening to the news I am thankful that we are where we are...devastation in so many places of the world

Weather forecast is for a bit of showers today...well bring it on...but just showers and not a down pour....thank you.

I was asked some months ago (months! holy crap!) if I would knit a throw/afghan for my best friends sister. Of course I said yes. She bought the pattern and yarn and sent it to me. Now I'm not a yarn snob (don't listen to some who know me and have seen some of my yarn stash) but when I opened the box and saw the yarn all I could think of was horrible thoughts. I've used the yarn before and it was never nice.

After much knitting and frogging and knitting and tinking I finally settled on the needle size for the yarn and am now close to the half way mark...

I'm also working on another scarf for our oldest far I love the yarn...a bit of cashmere...(oops, what did the snob say?)

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas






We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year's

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wonderful Surprise...

Today we were blessed with a couple packages...thanks to our daughters

One package will be opened on Christmas Day, hopefully in front of the webcam so our grandson can see us...

The other package was opened when we received it...

Hubby loves to go to The Elephant Bar for dinner...and we'd just been discussing that we'd have to wait until next month because we need to pay for our car tags this month... the package, to our surprise, a gift card to The Elephant we decided to go to dinner tonight...and it was wonderful.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy Busy

I've been busy...

...all Christmas presents have been packed, shipped and received so that is one thing out of the way and I'm glad...usually I'm late getting packages mailed so I'm very happy that everything is done and out of the way early this year...

...I've started too many projects...will try to spend some time going through all the 'works in progress' and sort them out...prioritize them and get them done...

...Started a new project today...yes, another one...found some nice red wool (my favorite color) in my stash and have started the French Press Felted Slippers ... on size 15 needles...using 3 strands at a time...I think I'll like these

...It's time for making fudge and off I go...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rest In Peace

Yesterday my stepmother went home to be with The Lord

She led a very full life....lived to be 90 years old

She will be missed by her family and extended family

Rest in Peace Mildred

Sunday, November 1, 2009

just a bit of an update on my life

Hubby loves to dress for Halloween...some years more than others. This year he found a mask. He put it on and Shivers went crazy...hubby had to get down on the floor and let Shivers take his time getting to know who it was...

This year was very light with trick-or-treaters so we do have candy left over (a bad thing if one is interested in losing a few pounds) friends don't be surprised if you find a candy bar in your knitting bag after a meetup...afterall aren't we supposed to share the wealth.

Yesterday I took an interesting trip with some friends of our local Ravelry group. Of course I always have a good time when I'm around any of the group. Anyway, we went to Exeter, CA which is about an hour and a half north of us. It's a really small town with building built around the 1889's. The purpose of the trip was to attend the Handweaver's Guild Show and Sale. I wish I would have taken more photographs. On display were weaving looms (yes, I'm hoping to be able to afford to get a table loom), yarns, finished projects (for show and sale) and did I mention yarn!

We ran into some friends, Carole of Dulitz Christmas Tree Farm, Brenda and Ann. Carole had a booth and was selling some of her yarns (beautiful and yes a couple skeins came home with me and I stayed within my budget). Brenda was helping Carole and Ann was demonstrating spinning. Ann had just received a new wheel the previous week and was having a great time showing it off. It is so tiny a spinner could spin in the car (of course not while they're driving, what are you thinking?)...

After leaving the show we wandered over to a local cafe and had lunch. Then while on the way out of town took time to notice the beautiful murals painted on the sides of a lot of the buildings. Go to (or any search engine of your choice) and search Exeter California. On google if you do the map and then do a street view you'll be able to see some of the murals.

Today is a quiet day ~ football is on, of course ~ hubby ran to the store for a few things ~ I'm messing around, well really, not messing around but trying to update this thing (which I neglect too much) then I'll write out the bills (yes I still write checks and send them in the mail to pay my monthly bills) and then I will knit on the current pair of socks.

I have to get these socks done because I have two other pairs in the wings waiting for these two scarves need to be done for Christmas...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A word of caution

...we all know not to open the door to strangers

...we hear all the time to ask for identification when someone comes knocking

...we hear all the time how people push their way into someone's home causing havoc (to put it mildly ~ it's still early here and I'm just now having my coffee)

...This morning shortly before 9 a.m. the doorbell rang

...It's the fellow from the Mosquito Abatement Department of the County (he has to go around and check swimming pools and any other types of standing water to make sure there are no baby 'squitos or adult ones that will breed)

..."Go to the gate and let yourself in and I'll meet you"


1. I didn't ask for identification at the door
2. I allowed him to let himself in the gate (which is normally locked)
3. I met him at the gate (by myself still in jammies and hair looking like the mice had a field day)
4. I walked around the back yard to the pool and back to the gate with him talking all the while
5. I left the door to the house unlocked and probably cracked open


For not one nano second of time did I think anything about anything except that this guy was checking my pool (which is empty by the way so no problem)

He did not know if I was by my self or not (I wasn't)

I didn't know if he was by himself

I never once thought how easy it would have been for someone to come to my door ~ gain entrance (even through the gate to the backyard) ~ have accomplices waiting for entrance.

I preach and preach to my daughters the importance of keeping your doors locked and not letting anyone in without identification (even if you are expecting them). ~ And now here I "done and did it".

It was at least a half hour before I even realized what I had done and to me that is scary.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monderful Monday!

Today is a monderful day...

Shivers got up in time to outside for a bit before going back in his crate...didn't make me late...met Patty, Suzanne, Jane and Virginia at Borders for our Monday get together.

Knitted quite a bit on the mittens...these will be for youngest daughter...I'm knitting them out of Manos del Uruguay ~ color: Hibiscus ~ Handcrafted Kettle Dyed Pure Wool

I love knitted with this yarn ~ it is a bit thick and thin but I think it will felt spectacularly! Plus it will give our darling nice warm hands when the snow really hits Missouri

While at Borders I meandered over to the knitting books and of course one followed me home ~ it is the reprint of Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle

Perhaps this book is just telling me that I'll be focusing on Fair Isle in the coming year

Virginia was wearing a sweater she knitted years ago and it looked as if she'd just finished it...beautifully knitted and the color is gorgeous ~ I'm hoping to get the pattern although I still haven't finished my "February Lady Sweater" but ....

I enjoy meeting up with our group ~ it seems that every time we get together I learn something new...and that is so true about today ~ thanks Suzanne ~ I have to remember 80 and not 64 ~ and a swatch (yuck but I will do it)

Now I'm off to work on the mittens

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yarn Dyeing Day

Yesterday I was among a wonderful group. We "flew" (by car) to Dulitz Christmas Tree Farm in Springville California. During October through the end of January or so the owner has a gift shop in a log cabin. During the rest of the year she uses it as a yarn shop.

This was the second time I was able to go. The group yesterday went to dye yarn. Some of us bought yarn from Carol and some brought their own.

We were joined by three spinners who showed us their amazing talent. A very talented indie dyer joined us ~ I love her dyeing and of course a beautiful skein jumped in my bag.

A potluck was enjoyed by everyone ~ the food was great!

I purchased a hugmongous 900 yard skein of beautiful gold dk weight wool yarn and over dyed it...I had a blast!

The yarn is hanging over the tub in our front bathroom drying...I want it good and dry before winding it ~ this yarn is going to be knitted into nice warm socks...

Look at all the beautiful dyeing jobs ~ mine are the two dark brownish ones on the left of the rack.

Everyone did a great job. I am looking forward to doing this again.

Blue Ribbon

I entered two pairs of socks at our local county fair and was so surprised to learn that I had won a First Place Blue Ribbon (did it help that in the category there were just two items entered)

There were so many beautiful knitted items entered I was proud to be among the group. Our local Ravelry group came home with 19 ribbons between the 7 of us.

I've already started a mental list of items to knit for next year.

I was told that my older sister entered a crocheted item in her local county fair and came home with a First Place Blue Ribbon...congratulations. Also one of my sisters-in-law brought blue ribbons home also.

Must be in the genes....

Congratulations to everyone who entered items in their fairs ~ everyone deserves a ribbon!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Saturday

I'm up

Yesterday I fell over the doggie gate in the hallway,
doggie gate is now down and doors closed
came away with a few bruises and sore muscles

Last night I started to deconstruct a CASHMERE sweater I picked up at the Goodwill some time ago (for $2.00 ~ cleaners was $3.00)...

I'm hoping for enough salvagable yarn to make a shawl...we'll see

Shivers didn't want to get out of bed this morning...poor little guy shivers like crazy...I'll knit him a little coat and we'll see if he'll wear it this year.

Off to deconstruct...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I must apoligize to anyone who reads this blog.

I have just noticed that I duplicate myself...I'm sorry....

...heck I thought I was doing pretty good that I was even posting to a blog

...I'll try to be better in the future...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wonderful Day!

Today was a wonderful day. I got some sleep last night after having many nights with very fitful sleep...

Woke up to a gray, overcast, sprinkled day...perfect day to sit on the patio and knit...but that's not what I did.

Okay, update on knitting:

Finished socks for sil (no I'm mentioning a name here, not sure if she reads this or not and I do want her to be surprised).

Two completed pairs of socks; Celtic Pennies (a YarnYenta pattern for a KAL on and Whirlpool Socks (from the book Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn) ~ these socks have been washed and blocked and are now looking pretty good. They'll be taken to the fairgrounds on Friday.

A slew of dishcloths have been knitted up for a certain person who asked for them and perhaps a couple of other 'certain people' (I haven't decided yet). Dishcloths/Washcloths are so simple to knit and crochet...I started one this morning just before leaving to meet with some ladies at B&N ~ had it finished and another one started before I left for home a couple hours later ~ and I put it down quite a few times during our chatting.

Another pair of socks has been started: pattern is off ~ the fall 09 issue that just came out...Hat-heel sock by Kathleen Sperling ~ it is an interesting pattern and I'm enjoying 'the challenge'.

Okay, one day I'll learn how to do links...yeah I have time to figure this stuff out...I have to figure out what to feed hubby for dinner while he watches Monday Night Football but first guess I'd best go put the clothes in the dryer so hubby will have clean socks to wear tomorrow.

Which reminds ~ this past Thursday the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Tennessee Titans and won! Hubby wore his Steelers socks that I knitted him this you all know what that means...I'd best have them ready for him to wear for each game this year...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Already!

It is September! Already! Well if my kidlets were here and still in school I wouldn't be ready. Nope. Not at all.

But the kidlets all have kidlets who are in they weren't ready!

Hard to believe our eldest grandchild is in the 7th grade..where did the time go!

And no I'm not old enough to have a grandchild in the 7th grade...don't ask!

I'm very involved in my knitting. I've completed socks...Hubby is wearing his Pittsburgh STEELERS socks while watching the first game of the season...Steelers vs. Titans

I've entered two pairs of socks into the local County Fair...I'll let you know what happens. I really just entered for fun...but then again...ribbons are always matter what, I'm wearing my socks.

One pair is on the needles and I'm working on the leg of those so they'll be completed soon.

Started another pair this morning...using DK weight yarn with size 4 addi needles...these should go pretty fast.

In a few weeks I'll be going to Dulitz Tree Farm. We're having a dyeing/knitting/spinning day with the owner. I plan on dyeing sock yarn and enough laceweight or perhaps sock yarn to knit a stole...not sure of the pattern yet so I'll have to really think about the yardage so I have enough no matter what.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, I've been a bit busy lately...

...of course I'm still knitting socks but I've also cast on a blanket, something I never thought I'd do again...

I was thinking today how nice it would be to have a "Crafters Refuge"

Now what I mean by this is...

~ a home to go to when you want or need to just pick up and get away for a bit

~ a home where you could go to bake some cookies; a cake or a pie

~ a home where you could go to knit or ~

~ crochet ~ cross stitch ~ embroidery ~ quilt ~ sew ~ weave ~ dye ~ whatever

~ a home where you could go to curl up with a good book and ready that last chapter

~ a home where you could go to watch that movie you've been putting off forever

~ a home where you could meet others who enjoy doing the craft you enjoy

~ a home where you could learn other crafts if the itch needed scratched

Well, of course this is just a dream ~ a dream that would be worth pursuing perhaps if there weren't so many ifs

I look forward to getting together with the friends that I have made through Ravelry

And I thank God everyday for giving me a wonderful family and great friends who keep me in a positive state of mind, I love it

God Bless

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm happy for a couple of my fellow knitters...they went to Sock Summit 2009 in Portland, Oregon...

...when I first heard of the Sock Summit I started checking airlines and know ... the cost ... times ... etc.,

...then eldest daughter says she's getting married...

...then we had the trip to Washington ... had to meet new grandson who was already 8 months old ... Sock Summit ... comes first and yes it was extremely important to meet my grandson and play with him...loved every minute I was able to spend with my children and grandchildren...wouldn't trade it with anything...even the Sock Summit

...but still

...there is a small part of my that still longs to be in Portland today

...I'll be content with looking at the photos and reading the posts

...and knitting on my newest project...may even start another today...who knows what the future holds...

...and there are two sewing projects that I want to do...hmmm

First, though, there is a meetup with some ladies this morning...we'll sit and chat...and knit...and chat some more...and knit some more...

...and we'll be content that we have this time together to do something we like and want...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

Hubby brought the following home this afternoon...all for just $5.87....

we've got seedless watermelon; two cantaloups; six peaches; seven pears and seven granny smith apples...not to mention about six nice size potatoes...

On the Knitting Front...

Yarn: Flat Feet (Conjoined) purchased at Great Yarns in Everett Washington

Item: Socks (what else)

Pattern: Whirlpool

Book: Knitting Socks from Handpainted Yarn

I like this using beads...these are 8/0 and I used dental floss and a beading needle to put them on the yarn before I did anything else

I did make modifications to the pattern...what's new...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I feel as though I have accomplished something this past week.

First, I finished the Celtic Pennies socks KAL. This was my first Fair Isle project and can't wait for another one. It was so easy to do. I am very pleased with the final project.

Secondly, I finished Ron's Pittsburgh Steelers socks. This yarn was very nice to work with...I ordered it from Yarntini online. Perfect...

Every time I've taken a photo of the socks in progress our little Shivers had to have his nose in it. This time right after I clicked the following photo he moved so fast, grabbed a sock and took off running around the living room and dining room...moved so fast I couldn't get a photo of him. I take it that he is satisfied with the results.

Our local knitting group, The KTK Yarn Mavens, will be having their monthly meeting on July 25th. We'll be meeting at a local park with a playground for the little ones.

I have put together some items for a drawing...a surprise bag of goodies...and I'm pleased with what I've put in there although I'm not finished...may have to make it two bags...of course the winner must be present at the time of the drawing.

I do hope we have a good turn out for this meeting. It is always nice to get together and share our finished objects along with whatever project(s) we are working on at the time. Perhaps a few will bring their spinning wheels and share their knowledge.

Because we will be meeting at a park we have decided to do a potluck, who doesn't love a potluck, with all those goodies...brownies, that's what I'm taking...

I will be bringing cool ties...I've been sewing them up and will sell them for $5.00 each. I don't keep the is donated to Relay for Life...

Going back to the sewing machine...which reminds sewing machine quit on me...but never fear...a couple weeks later we found one on the local craigslist...bought it and I love is an embroidery/sewing machine and does quilting also...guess where I'll be for hours on end...

Have a wonderful day and May God Bless Everyone...

Monday, July 6, 2009

quick update...

Celebrated our Fourth with good friends and good food...thank you

Shivers is such a great puppy...very protective and cuddly...I'm glad we have him (or does he have us?)...

Spent a few hours this morning with some great ladies down at Borders doing what we do...KNIT! It's nice to spend time with others doing the same thing you enjoy...thanks ladies, you know who you are.

I am working on the foot of my Celtic Pennies...coming along very nicely I think...I'll post photos later when I have a bit more finished.

I started a kitchen towel on the 3rd and worked on it...almost done know it is one of those that buttons around the handle of the will be posted later.

And still...hubbys Steelers socks, they are coming along...working on the foot...

I've organized, somewhat, my yarn stash...went through a few bins yesterday and got two grocery bags together to be taken to the Dominican Republic...I just went through some more and have at least two more bags...

Sewing machine made a grinding noise when I last used it so it will be going to the shop :( really puts a damper on my sewing...

Now, I'm off to KNIT KNIT KNIT!

Hope all has a wonderful day and a great week...I'll be staying in the house as much as possible until this "heat wave" is over...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Celtic Pennies

I'm so excited! I am doing a KAL (knitalong) with a wonderful group of ladies/gents on

The yarn is superwash wool/nylon from PennyRose Yarns in a beautiful Emerald (1 skein) and Gold (1/2 skein) Check out her etsy shop at Ruth is wonderful and does some great dyeing.

Ron's socks are put on hold while I go get these on the needles!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Darling...and how are you spending it? You went down to the local donut stop, as you do most mornings, and sat with other men who do the same thing. I'm glad you have that little group. I enjoy you telling me about each of them...

When you came home you got started moving some things in our garage, and why, so that I'd have someplace to put an old Bakers Rack. We picked the Bakers Rack up at an estate sale years ago and have used it in different rooms before moving here. Once here it ended up on our back patio for a time. Then, bright idea here, let's move it into my craft room. Without saying anything you moved it. Now that I've decided to reorganize my yarn and fabric and beads you are moving it once again. This time out to the crowded garage. I'm ready to let go of it. I will sell it but only to someone I know will love it as much as I have...of course these photos just do not do it justice...I love all the curli cues...and the beautiful wrought iron...yes it will be sad but it must be done...

So what am I planning on putting along that wall? Hmmm, well, I do have a six foot table that is going to go has my sewing machine on it...and I use the rest of it when I'm cutting fabric or doing serves its purpose very well.

Now, on the knitting front, I am working on a pair of "Pittsburgh Steelers" socks for my darling husband. He deserves them and I should have
had them done...but his feet are long so it takes me longer to knit them. When I had him try them on for size Shivers had to get into the act and give his approval.

I'll work on them more today.

I am also going to be doing my first ever Fair Isle Project...a pair of socks...the yarn is just delicious...a beautiful emerald green and gold..

The yarn is from "Penny Rose Yarns" she has an etsy shop http://fritzl.etsy she dyes the yarn and it is so yummy.

Since it is Father's Day darling can do whatever he pleases, as if he doesn't anyway, we'll be going to dinner at his favorite restaurant, The Elephant Bar, he loves it there.

Guess I'll go get a shower and get dressed and then knit on those to knit...always look forward to getting together with the KTK Yarn Mavens on Tuesday evenings, Monday/Thursday mornings and Saturday too....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We arrived home early this past Sunday morning.

We decided to rent a car and drive the 13 hours as airline tickets were just outrageous. We figured that we saved over $250.00.

While in Washington we visited "Great Yarns" in Everett...a wonderful store with personable ladies...I had a great time and came away with more yarn goodies than planned.

We also took a tour of the Boeing Company...very informative and interesting...I'm letting no secrets out...if you're in the area I suggest taking the tour.

Hubby was very patient with me as we drove through Portland, Oregon on the search for "Twisted", a fantastic yarn shop that I'll visit every time I'm in the area. "Twisted" is located in the NE section and somehow we ended up in the SW section. A couple guys pointed us in the right direction and we found the shop. The ladies there are absolutely wonderful. I went in with a list of what I was looking for and they helped the wall of sock yarn...wish more would have jumped into the car and came home with me.

Now it is time to get down to brass tacks....the laundry is getting done and so is the other housework...all in time, my time!

On the drive home I knitted a sock for our youngest grandson (9 months old)...turned out great...started the second sock and I am now tinking it back to the same spot for the third time...can't figure what I am doing wrong but come on, this is a baby sock...

Saturday is WWKIP (World Wide Knit In Public) DAY...I'll be sitting with a great group of ladies down at the Marketplace knitting away and enjoying the time we have together.

Now, off to exercise (quit smirking...all of you...yes I do exercise although it may not look like it)! ! ! ! ! !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This past Sunday we were honored to attend the wedding of our eldest daughter. The wedding took place in Mill Creek, Washington. Hubby and I are staying on to sit with our almost 12 year old grandson and loving every minute. The newlyweds are honeymooning in Italy...a small village north of Rome...haven't heard from them but really don't expect to either...

The wedding was preceded by a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony. I am anxiously waiting to see the photos that were taken at the ceremony. I was in awe and so tense during the ceremony...thinking I would mess something up...but it was a beautiful ceremony and everyone enjoyed the lunch afterwards.

You will have to wait for photos of the wedding until we get back home and I can download them.

I've been knitting on a pair of socks from "Wendy Knits" new book...also have knitted a small scarf (started it on the plane ride)...our 3 year old granddaughter has snagged the scarf...knitted with homespun wool and beads...lovely yarn to work with....I had purchased the yarn from "LaurensWool...Danni" some time ago...

Off to the bookstore with the grandson...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't Throw Balls In The House

How many times while the children were growing up did we say "Don't throw balls in the house."

Hubby likes to play with Shivers. One of their favorite things to do is 'fetch'. Hubby throws the ball and Shivers will fetch it.

I've told him many many times not to throw it from the livingroom sofa into the dining room.

Well it finally happened. We have a fan with lights in the dining room. I'm sitting at the laptop on the dining table and all of a sudden...I sincerely thought the fan/lights were crashing down on me.

Hubby threw the hit the flag chain pull which flew up into the blades...the flag pull broke from the chain and fell on the laptop...the chain wrapped itself around the fixture so tight it took both of us to free it...

...and all the while...I'm saying "How many times have I told you not to throw the ball in the house..."...and what is hubby doing...laughing.

They never grow up.

Last night I finished a pair of socks...used worsted weight super wash wool...feels nice...I may try these again.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow...can't believe it's been a month since I've updated...

...on knitting... I finished a pair for me...a pair for one grandson with size 11 feet... have started a pair for hubby and another pair for me...

...other news... had a heck of a time finding an outfit for oldest daughter's wedding later this month... now trying to fit everything in one suitcase...

Monday, April 6, 2009

I must remember not to knit when I am tired.

I started a pair of socks last week. Last evening I finished the second sock and when I put the to together to compare I noticed that the first one looked 'weird'...yes weird...this morning I took a second look and sure enough I screwed up the toe on the first one.

This pair of socks is being knitted using Patons Kroy sock yarn that I purchased at our local Micheal's...just wanted to try it and see if I liked it.

The pattern is just a generic cuff down. The toe problem ~ looks like a pyramid ~ which means that I decreased every row instead of every other row.

This means that I must tink the entire toe and do it over. This in itself is not a problem as I have not closed the toes yet...must have been a reason why...

I am hoping to complete this pair TODAY! I have yarn and pattern ready for my next pair and can't wait.

Oh, by the way, I ordered and received Cookie A.'s newest book, Sock Innovation. I haven't had the time yet to really sit and look over the patterns but as I skimmed through I noted that I will probably knit most all. I am looking forward to this.

Well, off to put the figures together to send to our tax lady...yes I know there are not many more days left...yes I know I put it off until almost the last minute...yes I have been reminded by more people than I care to count...and yes it will get done on time...but first I must tink tink tink...

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Wonderful Exhausting Day

As daughter and grandson are leaving California to live in the Mid-West they wanted to see some things first. Funny, we've lived in California for over 30 years always within 2 hours of Los Angeles area and we'd never taken in the sights. Daughter asked us about it. Well, while our children were growing up hubby and I were usually working weekends. At one time hubby worked three jobs to keep us afloat. At one time I left home for work around 6 a.m. and didn't return until 10 p.m. Evidently that is why we never took in the sights.

When our oldest daughter moved to LA area I would visit and we'd do something...she took me to Malibu, Santa Monica Pier, Zuma Beach just to name a few.

When a brother visited us from the Mid-West I got brave and took him to Hollywood. It was my first time there also. We parked right smack dab in front of the Pantages Theatre. Walked all over the Stars Walk of Fame taking photos. Drove up a winding road to get the best view of the Hollywood Sign. It was a great day for me.

When a sister visited from the East coast I once again braved the traffic and took her and our oldest grandson to The Getty. What a day that was. So much to take in at one time but all of us enjoyed it so much. During her visit hubby had surgery. A few days before we took her to Hollywood to see the sign...poor hubby we walked him all over. It was his first time there and he enjoyed it.

This past Saturday we took daughter and grandson to Hollywood. We walked Rodeo Drive, took pictures, entered the Jimmy Choo store (her dream is to own one pair of Jimmy Choo shoes). Hubby took a short drive through a few neighborhoods just aweing over the size of the homes. Then we took Santa Monica Blvd to the Santa Monica Pier where we spent five hours. We had a great time. The three of them rode the roller coaster, we inhaled a funnel cake, saw colorful people, and the ocean was breathtaking.

It was overcast when we arrived but that didn't deter anyone from enjoying the day. The water was cold, we suspect, but there were dozens in the water.

We watched a couple fishermen untangle a large crab that had gotten caught in there net.

On the beach a group, Veterans for Peace, had set up an "Arlington West" Iraq War Memorial. It was very somber reading names and seeing photos of all who have lost their lives for our freedom. I'll not go on about this as everyone has their own opinions on the subject and right now I'll keep mine to myself. Hubby was in the Vietnam War as was one of my brothers and my ex-husband...I'm thankful every day they came home.

Now let's see if I can get a few photos from our Saturday posted.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mitered Scarf

This is my mitered scarf in progress. On (check it out if you haven't already) I am doing a KAL (knit a long) with a wonderful group.

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill fingering weight 80% Merino wool and 20% nylon ~ color is Cherry Blossom

I'm pleased with the results so far...long way to go to finish...this will be put aside for Christmas (yes, I'm thinking about that already).

Saturday, March 7, 2009



Today we had the honor of seeing our grandson graduate from Recruit to Private First Class in the Young Marines

After graduation he went with his mother to a troop encampment at a local lake. I was just informed that he had the honor of participating in the troops flag burning ceremony.

I can't but remember our daughter telling us that those attending the encampment last evening was so cold most of them slept in the vehicles...daughter and grandson went with extra blankets and long underwear

While they are camping in the cold I am in my warm home with hubby and puppy....time to knit...or maybe sew a bit...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knit Knit Knit

Knitting is wonderful!

Well at least I think it is...

We have little Shivers...needs to go outside numerous times throughout the day

We have a courtyard out our front door with a little patio so when I take Shivers out I usually take a project out to knit on while he does his business

Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer Shivers loves to lay in the sun so I take him out and sit and knit

I had a request from our daughter in law...says that our son would love to have an a special project for special people...I've sewn one in some Snoopy fabric I acquired

While sewing Snoopy apron thought I'd do one for granddaughter "H" and her brother and sister.

Remembered that when son was in kindergarten we purchased a 'painting apron' for him and our daughters. His is the only one that has survived and for some reason I had it in the plastic bin with my patterns.

I took his 'painting apron' and made a brown wrapping paper pattern. I'm tweaking the original pattern a bit (wouldn't be me if I didn't) and have one cut out.

Tomorrow I'll sew this one up and give it to our little neighbor next door...all little ones need an apron to wear when they bake cookies...

Off to knit, knit, knit....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Holey Moley

Holey Moley I have lost time...didn't realize it has been over a month since I graced this page with my appearance.

I knitted two little pairs of socks for darling grandson Rhys

I did the finishing touches (like weaving in the ends) of a few finished items and then off they went.

I've also sewn a few things and am in the process of sewing up some little surprises for the grandkids....

The virus that has been going around has visited our home and we're all down with it now in varying stages.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hubby asked me to knit him a hat...not just any hat...but a beanie type that would keep his ears and bald head warm. No problem. Lots of patterns on Ravelry.

I came across a great the yarn...a nice superwash merino wool...knit it up in record time for didn't like it and said it hit the frog pond with a big splash.

Okay, no problem...thought maybe I'd try some Bernat Alpaca fit fine...but...he didn't like it and said it also hit the frog pond with a bigger splash.

To say that I was frustrated would be a minor statement.

So I figured I'd use Red Heart acrylic, it wouldn't itch, off I go again...great...he liked it and I thought it turned out was just a bit too small...the frog pond got company again...

I was so perplexed that I couldn't think straight...

I went down to a lys for something else and in talking to one of the girls there she showed me a pattern that I figured I didn't have anything to lose. I picked up the pattern and a skein of Fantasy Dark Horse Yarns ~ 50% nylon 50% acrylic ~ it feels squishy soft...although I found it to be a bit splitty at times

Finally! Hubby is very pleased with this last hat ~ the fourth one I might add ~ and I am so pleased that he is pleased. I'll be making more hats with that pattern (actually I tweaked it to my satisfaction and like it)...but I will use a variety of yarns.

I've also finished another hat for a friend...this one is out of Cascade Yarns ~ Cash Vero ~ 50% Merino Extra Fine Wool 33% Microfiber Acrylic and 12% Cashmere ~ I love working with this is so soft! I've just started another pattern hat with this yarn for her also.

On the needles I have socks, socks, socks....I'm hoping to be able to work on at least one pair soon...