Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, I've been a bit busy lately...

...of course I'm still knitting socks but I've also cast on a blanket, something I never thought I'd do again...

I was thinking today how nice it would be to have a "Crafters Refuge"

Now what I mean by this is...

~ a home to go to when you want or need to just pick up and get away for a bit

~ a home where you could go to bake some cookies; a cake or a pie

~ a home where you could go to knit or ~

~ crochet ~ cross stitch ~ embroidery ~ quilt ~ sew ~ weave ~ dye ~ whatever

~ a home where you could go to curl up with a good book and ready that last chapter

~ a home where you could go to watch that movie you've been putting off forever

~ a home where you could meet others who enjoy doing the craft you enjoy

~ a home where you could learn other crafts if the itch needed scratched

Well, of course this is just a dream ~ a dream that would be worth pursuing perhaps if there weren't so many ifs

I look forward to getting together with the friends that I have made through Ravelry

And I thank God everyday for giving me a wonderful family and great friends who keep me in a positive state of mind, I love it

God Bless

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm happy for a couple of my fellow knitters...they went to Sock Summit 2009 in Portland, Oregon...

...when I first heard of the Sock Summit I started checking airlines and know ... the cost ... times ... etc.,

...then eldest daughter says she's getting married...

...then we had the trip to Washington ... had to meet new grandson who was already 8 months old ... Sock Summit ... comes first and yes it was extremely important to meet my grandson and play with him...loved every minute I was able to spend with my children and grandchildren...wouldn't trade it with anything...even the Sock Summit

...but still

...there is a small part of my that still longs to be in Portland today

...I'll be content with looking at the photos and reading the posts

...and knitting on my newest project...may even start another today...who knows what the future holds...

...and there are two sewing projects that I want to do...hmmm

First, though, there is a meetup with some ladies this morning...we'll sit and chat...and knit...and chat some more...and knit some more...

...and we'll be content that we have this time together to do something we like and want...