Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Salute Our Military!

Veteran's Day!
We Salute Our Military!

Thank you to all you Veteran's out there...we support you and appreciate you!

Today we took our grandson downtown to observe the local Veteran's Day Parade.

The parade, like all parades throughout this great land of ours, included lots of school bands, horses, old cars and firetrucks. But most importantly it included lots and lots of our military men and women...there were those from JROTC...Active Duty...Disabled...Retired...Reserve...did I miss anyone?...I hope not...there was also a group of Young Marines.

I was a bit surprised at the number of spectators who came out for the parade. Surprised and overwhelmed, thankful and glad.

Each time a group of our military would come by people stood and clapped. That was everlasting music.

When a group of Vietnam Veterans passed our way the clapping was louder than ever...made me think that they were getting the homecoming they so richly deserved and never had.

I've posted photos of our parade on http://www.flickr.com/photos/20428757@N03/

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On a yarny note...since we were just a couple blocks from ABC's of Creative Pursuits I had to pop in, besides they are having a sale...

I had read about a new knitting book and wouldn't you know it...one followed me home...

The book is Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders (101 Small Indulgences) edited by Judith Durant

There are so many projects in this book that I'll be busy for a long time!

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