Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knit Knit Knit

Knitting is wonderful!

Well at least I think it is...

We have little Shivers...needs to go outside numerous times throughout the day

We have a courtyard out our front door with a little patio so when I take Shivers out I usually take a project out to knit on while he does his business

Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer Shivers loves to lay in the sun so I take him out and sit and knit

I had a request from our daughter in law...says that our son would love to have an a special project for special people...I've sewn one in some Snoopy fabric I acquired

While sewing Snoopy apron thought I'd do one for granddaughter "H" and her brother and sister.

Remembered that when son was in kindergarten we purchased a 'painting apron' for him and our daughters. His is the only one that has survived and for some reason I had it in the plastic bin with my patterns.

I took his 'painting apron' and made a brown wrapping paper pattern. I'm tweaking the original pattern a bit (wouldn't be me if I didn't) and have one cut out.

Tomorrow I'll sew this one up and give it to our little neighbor next door...all little ones need an apron to wear when they bake cookies...

Off to knit, knit, knit....

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