Monday, April 6, 2009

I must remember not to knit when I am tired.

I started a pair of socks last week. Last evening I finished the second sock and when I put the to together to compare I noticed that the first one looked 'weird'...yes weird...this morning I took a second look and sure enough I screwed up the toe on the first one.

This pair of socks is being knitted using Patons Kroy sock yarn that I purchased at our local Micheal's...just wanted to try it and see if I liked it.

The pattern is just a generic cuff down. The toe problem ~ looks like a pyramid ~ which means that I decreased every row instead of every other row.

This means that I must tink the entire toe and do it over. This in itself is not a problem as I have not closed the toes yet...must have been a reason why...

I am hoping to complete this pair TODAY! I have yarn and pattern ready for my next pair and can't wait.

Oh, by the way, I ordered and received Cookie A.'s newest book, Sock Innovation. I haven't had the time yet to really sit and look over the patterns but as I skimmed through I noted that I will probably knit most all. I am looking forward to this.

Well, off to put the figures together to send to our tax lady...yes I know there are not many more days left...yes I know I put it off until almost the last minute...yes I have been reminded by more people than I care to count...and yes it will get done on time...but first I must tink tink tink...

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