Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't Throw Balls In The House

How many times while the children were growing up did we say "Don't throw balls in the house."

Hubby likes to play with Shivers. One of their favorite things to do is 'fetch'. Hubby throws the ball and Shivers will fetch it.

I've told him many many times not to throw it from the livingroom sofa into the dining room.

Well it finally happened. We have a fan with lights in the dining room. I'm sitting at the laptop on the dining table and all of a sudden...I sincerely thought the fan/lights were crashing down on me.

Hubby threw the hit the flag chain pull which flew up into the blades...the flag pull broke from the chain and fell on the laptop...the chain wrapped itself around the fixture so tight it took both of us to free it...

...and all the while...I'm saying "How many times have I told you not to throw the ball in the house..."...and what is hubby doing...laughing.

They never grow up.

Last night I finished a pair of socks...used worsted weight super wash wool...feels nice...I may try these again.

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