Sunday, November 1, 2009

just a bit of an update on my life

Hubby loves to dress for Halloween...some years more than others. This year he found a mask. He put it on and Shivers went crazy...hubby had to get down on the floor and let Shivers take his time getting to know who it was...

This year was very light with trick-or-treaters so we do have candy left over (a bad thing if one is interested in losing a few pounds) friends don't be surprised if you find a candy bar in your knitting bag after a meetup...afterall aren't we supposed to share the wealth.

Yesterday I took an interesting trip with some friends of our local Ravelry group. Of course I always have a good time when I'm around any of the group. Anyway, we went to Exeter, CA which is about an hour and a half north of us. It's a really small town with building built around the 1889's. The purpose of the trip was to attend the Handweaver's Guild Show and Sale. I wish I would have taken more photographs. On display were weaving looms (yes, I'm hoping to be able to afford to get a table loom), yarns, finished projects (for show and sale) and did I mention yarn!

We ran into some friends, Carole of Dulitz Christmas Tree Farm, Brenda and Ann. Carole had a booth and was selling some of her yarns (beautiful and yes a couple skeins came home with me and I stayed within my budget). Brenda was helping Carole and Ann was demonstrating spinning. Ann had just received a new wheel the previous week and was having a great time showing it off. It is so tiny a spinner could spin in the car (of course not while they're driving, what are you thinking?)...

After leaving the show we wandered over to a local cafe and had lunch. Then while on the way out of town took time to notice the beautiful murals painted on the sides of a lot of the buildings. Go to (or any search engine of your choice) and search Exeter California. On google if you do the map and then do a street view you'll be able to see some of the murals.

Today is a quiet day ~ football is on, of course ~ hubby ran to the store for a few things ~ I'm messing around, well really, not messing around but trying to update this thing (which I neglect too much) then I'll write out the bills (yes I still write checks and send them in the mail to pay my monthly bills) and then I will knit on the current pair of socks.

I have to get these socks done because I have two other pairs in the wings waiting for these two scarves need to be done for Christmas...

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