Saturday, March 8, 2014


Life has been lovely!

I finished the Ribwarmer and love it.  I wear it every chance I get.

Progress on the old cabinet is coming along nicely.  I bought a new scraper and it is the best.  Layers of paint come off so easily.  We haven't moved it to the garage yet.  It is still in the basement and I'm still stripping...just doing it a bit at a time.

Sock Madness 8 has started.  Participants had to be signed up by the end of February.  The pattern for the first round was released Monday morning.  I can say that I successfully completed my pair of Brucie's around midnight Thursday.  Participants are given two weeks to complete the pair of socks in the first round.  Those who have shown a reasonable effort will be eligible for the rest of the patterns during Madness but they will not move on to the next round. 

Today I started another endeavor.  My daughter and I visited a fabric shop.  The shop is located in the basement of one of the owners.  The owners are a delight and we enjoyed visiting with them.  I came away with more than enough fabric to sew a quilt. 

....hmmm  some would say that my plate is overflowing... I would say that I'm just getting started.

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