Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just another day...

It's cold....I mean the 20's and 30's....and we expect snow in the next few days...winter sure came fast.

Hubby braved the cold this morning and took off to an auction.  He brought a few 'goodies' home.

One is a "bowl" from the Cambridge Glass Company.  The Cambridge Glass Company closed in 1954.  I wish I knew what it was made know...what function did it have...or was it just to sit pretty on a table or mantle...hmmm.   It is pretty and I think I'll keep it.

Time for me to go knit...I'm still working on the Edge Addiction (making long sleeves and turning it into a cardigan); Eliza's blanket (yes, I know she will be 2 years old in February); Worsted Weight socks (knitting these on U.S. Size 3 needles is slow work).  Or I could just go cast on another project...or sew on a project...

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