Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Darling...and how are you spending it? You went down to the local donut stop, as you do most mornings, and sat with other men who do the same thing. I'm glad you have that little group. I enjoy you telling me about each of them...

When you came home you got started moving some things in our garage, and why, so that I'd have someplace to put an old Bakers Rack. We picked the Bakers Rack up at an estate sale years ago and have used it in different rooms before moving here. Once here it ended up on our back patio for a time. Then, bright idea here, let's move it into my craft room. Without saying anything you moved it. Now that I've decided to reorganize my yarn and fabric and beads you are moving it once again. This time out to the crowded garage. I'm ready to let go of it. I will sell it but only to someone I know will love it as much as I have...of course these photos just do not do it justice...I love all the curli cues...and the beautiful wrought iron...yes it will be sad but it must be done...

So what am I planning on putting along that wall? Hmmm, well, I do have a six foot table that is going to go has my sewing machine on it...and I use the rest of it when I'm cutting fabric or doing serves its purpose very well.

Now, on the knitting front, I am working on a pair of "Pittsburgh Steelers" socks for my darling husband. He deserves them and I should have
had them done...but his feet are long so it takes me longer to knit them. When I had him try them on for size Shivers had to get into the act and give his approval.

I'll work on them more today.

I am also going to be doing my first ever Fair Isle Project...a pair of socks...the yarn is just delicious...a beautiful emerald green and gold..

The yarn is from "Penny Rose Yarns" she has an etsy shop http://fritzl.etsy she dyes the yarn and it is so yummy.

Since it is Father's Day darling can do whatever he pleases, as if he doesn't anyway, we'll be going to dinner at his favorite restaurant, The Elephant Bar, he loves it there.

Guess I'll go get a shower and get dressed and then knit on those to knit...always look forward to getting together with the KTK Yarn Mavens on Tuesday evenings, Monday/Thursday mornings and Saturday too....

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