Monday, December 28, 2009


Looking out my kitchen window I can barely see the neighboring houses through the fog. Listening to the news I am thankful that we are where we are...devastation in so many places of the world

Weather forecast is for a bit of showers today...well bring it on...but just showers and not a down pour....thank you.

I was asked some months ago (months! holy crap!) if I would knit a throw/afghan for my best friends sister. Of course I said yes. She bought the pattern and yarn and sent it to me. Now I'm not a yarn snob (don't listen to some who know me and have seen some of my yarn stash) but when I opened the box and saw the yarn all I could think of was horrible thoughts. I've used the yarn before and it was never nice.

After much knitting and frogging and knitting and tinking I finally settled on the needle size for the yarn and am now close to the half way mark...

I'm also working on another scarf for our oldest far I love the yarn...a bit of cashmere...(oops, what did the snob say?)

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