Thursday, January 7, 2010

LA Trip

Yesterday I accompanied my friend, Mary Ann, to Los Angeles. This what we encountered on the wayThe cloud didn't last long...we were out of it soon...traffic wasn't too bad either so we made really good time.

After 'business' was taken care of we decided to do some previewing of a 'local yarn shop'...we stopped in at Wild Fiber in Santa Monica. They are located on 14th Street about a block south of Santa Monica Blvd. We found a parking space and ventured over...the outside was being painted...we entered to a warm greeting by the salespeople...they were very helpful...and of course the first thing we inquired about was sock yarn...this is what we found...They also had a nice selection of needles, yarns and roving for spinning in addition to books.

We then inched our way down Santa Monica Blvd towards the pier. Mary Ann had never been to this pier so it was a treat for her and I'm sure she had a wonderful time. We found an eating place and replenished ourselves on cod, clams, and fries. Then we walked all over (wonder how many pounds we left there)...

The pier was quite crowded but we found out that a part was fenced off as they were getting ready for a Texas alumni get together...Texas and Alabama college football teams are playing in Pasadena.

We decided we'd best head back home by this time. Traffic was heavy and we were going down the road the car took a turn a parked...what?...oh okay...a yarn we ventured in to check it out....

This one is on Wilshire Blvd...Compatto Yarn Salon...again we had a nice warm welcome and the sales staff was very helpful.
Do you see that ball winder under the right side of the's electric and boy does it go fast...
Again, we saw a nice selection of yarns, needles and books.

All in all I would have to say that our trip was successful in all aspects.

Would I make the trip to these yarn shops again?...yes

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