Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A look over the past year

So much has happened over the past twelve months...but that is another story.

Today I am looking over the knitting projects I've completed.  There is a story behind each of my projects but we're not going there.


In November of 2012 I joined a knit a long with members of the local Knitting Guild where I lived at the time.  We chose a pattern and proceeded...thankfully we were led by a Master Knitter.  I can say that every member of the group learned so much through the process.

We started by taking precise measurements of our bodies.  Yeah, not fun, but very necessary.  If you are making a garment that you want to fit, the only way is to have precise measurements.  Having this information saves so many tears and grief.

So, first project ~ Dark and Stormy ~ pattern by Thea Colman...pattern was adapted to fit us...I used Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 in worsted weight.

Then came Sock Madness...yes it is madness...

Sockdolager socks ~  pattern by Adrienne Fong

Flying Dutchman socks ~ pattern by Caoua Coffee

Greenhouse socks  ~ pattern by Anita Grahn

Then I knitted a second pair of socks for Brenda.  She was a favorite postal carrier.

The "What The Knit" Knitting Guild in Bakersfield, California was blessed to have a sock workshop.  Our teacher was Angela Davis.  We had so much fun.

I knitted a wee sock...using leftover sock yarn...wonderful...this was for a Summer Knit along...

After hubby and I relocated to the mid-west we were informed that I would definitely need a hat to keep my head warm.  After perusing patterns I decided on Cabled Rangoli Hat ~ pattern by Desi Knitter.  I used natural/undyed cormo yarn from Elsa Wool Company...love the yarn.  After being told that the hat made me look like a baker I decided to knit it again.

This time I used Cascade 220 Tweed in blue.  I love it!  I've worn it several times.  My head stays warm, never hot.

On Ravelry I am in a group that I just love.  The designer, Meagheen Ryan is astonishing!  She designed little baby mittens...not just any baby mittens....ADVENT baby mittens.

24 Advent Baby Mittens....In finishing them I crocheted a chain and attached them as I went so they are in no particular order.

Now, those are all my finished projects for the past year. 

(sorry, photos will be posted later...computer is acting up)

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