Sunday, August 10, 2008


Last evening hubby and I embarked on our usual daily evening walk around the neighborhood park and school. About a quarter of the way around we noticed a sprinkler that was definitely broken in the front yard of a home...looked a bit like a small fire hydrant that shot straight up

Being the nice people that we are hubby went to the front door...opened by a girl about 17...she didn't ask who was there...just opened the door!

She was alone and had no idea where the sprinkler controls in the garage were but opened the garage for hubby to go find the control box. He found it and turned it off...during which time she called her mom..."Mom, one of the sprinklers is broken and an ELDERLY couple stopped..."

ELDERLY!!!!! I am but 55 years old...and I might add that I don't look like whatever 55 is supposed to look like! But now, out of the blue, I am elderly.

Guess I'll take my elderly keister over to the recliner and knit...

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