Sunday, August 3, 2008

Boy, this weekend went by fast! BUT...FOOTBALL is here! Today was the Hall of Fame game in my hometown of Canton, Ohio...watched a bit of it while getting laundry taken care of amoung other household chores.

This week is the start of something "new". We'll be sitting for a neighbors little ones as she has gone to work out of the home. Okay this means no more afternoon nap (or does it!)...little ones need to rest what do we do...take walks, feed the ducks at the local park, color, watch movies (Land Before Time is a particular favorite for the two littlest)...

It's hard trying to figure how to keep them busy...guess we'll learn as we go.

10,000 California State Employees have been laid off...I think this is outrageous. The governor evidently feels that laying off employees and paying the rest the minimum wage (a little over 6 dollars) is going to help the budget. Hello, take a good look at that much are the big guns getting paid...cut their wages! and their bonuses! and their "expense accounts"...I could really get riled up about this...CEO's of private companies get paid millions of dollars in bonuses and wages and the little guys get their wages cut or get laid off...and this is supposed to be the land of opportunity...I think not!

On the knitting front...I worked a bit on the February Lady Sweater last night and today...making progress slow but sure...

I do miss my knitting meetups with the KTK Yarn Mavens. Some meet tomorrow morning; Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings...and of course one Saturday a month. I'm looking forward to the next meetup that I will be able to attend, until then I'll keep the needles moving as much as possible.

Hope everyone has a great week...supposed to be hot, hot, hot here....Take Care

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