Monday, July 11, 2011

And Life Must Go On

It's been very busy around here...

I finished my Vortex Shawl and love it! The yarn is Smooshy by Dream in Color in fingering weight ~ 100% merino. The shawl took two complete skeins plus a bit of a third one for the picot bindoff. I may enter this in our local county fair this fall.

Remember the test knit I was doing? Well I finished the pair and must say that I am very happy with them. This is another project I may enter in our local county fair.
June 11th saw our local knitting group gathered out at the MarketPlace to celebrate World Wide Knit In Public Day. Below is a collage of some of the photos that were taken. We had drawings and everyone went home with something new. At the top you can see a photo we took with everyone wearing hand knit socks...isn't that something!

This morning started on a great note! I've been depressed as two of our very good friends have passed on. A good friend in Ireland has a wonderful blog ~ as I read I feel as though I am right there with her. She just celebrated her 5th Blog-a-versary. She ran a bit of a 'contest' and I am one of three winners. What a way to start the day! Thanks know I love you.

The day couldn't have gotten any better. A big tree on the neighboring property has finally seen time with a chainsaw. The limbs would sway so much that when we'd have some big winds I was always afraid one would land in our livingroom. The tree looks so much better and we'll be getting more sunshine in our patio (we have an umbrella to put up). I love to sit on the patio and knit when the weather allows.

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