Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm just not sure what to think anymore

There was a time, and I know it is still practiced in some areas, when a person did not associate with those out of their 'Class', 'Station', 'Social Level' ~ whatever you wish to call it.

I'd only been confronted by this 'attitude' once when my ex was in the military. He was enlisted and my best friends husband was an officer. We were not supposed to fraternize but we did anyway.

It seems that I have once again been confronted with this attitude.

When I realized what was happening I was a bit ticked off and ready to throw my hands up and quit.

But then I decided that this is her problem, not mine.

Isn't it amazing what a bit of green in the bank will do to a person.

Just don't throw it in my face because I really don't care how much money, status or anything else a person has. I don't care who can afford or not afford what.

So if you want to continue to ignore those whom you consider 'beneath' you ~ so be it. In the end, I have a feeling, you'll be the one sitting on the sidelines with a small number to call "friend".

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