Saturday, July 30, 2011

So Much To Do

Now I know that I'm crazy

I am now in charge of organizing a family reunion for next summer

This would be great if it was just a small family

But I am the 13th of 16 children with 11 of us living

Take into account our cousins, our children, our grandchildren, our 2nd cousins, a few aunts and uncles...

Just a preliminary count (if everyone attends) is over 60 people!

What needs to be planned...

A venue; a date; lodging; activities; food (I'm sure I have missed a few important items)


I'm making progress on my first adult sweater. I'd say that I'm probably at least 80% finished. I am now doing the last few inches on the neck. Then comes the button bands and then the finishing...kitchenering the sleeves to the body; weaving in all the yarn ends; soaking and blocking.

I am satisfied with how it is coming along.

Now I must get back to getting the shredder unclogged...

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