Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Socks

I finished Rhys' baby socks today. Now I consider myself a 'slooow' knitter. But that is okay. Things will get finished in their own time. I don't like to be rushed doing anything so I'm fine with 'slow knitter' status.

This is a photo of the completed pair of socks in my hand. They are so tiny and so adorable. I may be persuaded to do another pair a bit bigger...some day!

Now I am off to grab a project to work on while watching "Grey's Anatomy". I don't watch much television any more but I do enjoy "Grey's Anatomy"; Two and a Half Men; How I Met Your Mother. Other than those shows if I'm watching anything it may be an old black and white movie or the Food Network (depending who is cooking) or HGTV or Jon Kate and 8 on TLC.

Oh bless it...I haven't gotten dgs's pillow sewn up'll have to wait until Sunday now.

We're off tomorrow to spend the day with eldest dgs...he'll be leaving Saturday for Washington state and won't be back this way until Spring break to visit his father. That's a long time to go without seeing him and spending time together but we'll get through it. All things happen for a reason.

I once told my children that I didn't want to be a long distance grandmother. I wanted to have the little ones over and underfoot...learning to cook, bake, sew, knit, play ball, run ~ whatever was happening at the time. Now we will have one dgs within staying overnight distance.

Okay time to get a project or two to work on....almost time....why do I punish myself like this! ! ! !

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