Monday, September 15, 2008


Today is a busy day...we are awaiting news...the birth of our newest last report he should be arriving sometime today

We arrived home mid day Saturday...I'm still not rested up from the journey

Hubby and I visited with one of my brothers and his wife in Colorado, just north of Denver for a week. While there we visited the Celestial Seasonings company. We opted not to do a tour...visited the gift shop and left with a few boxes of delicious tea bags...should see me through the coming winter.

My sister in law was very gracious and saw to it that we visited Yarn Shops in the area. The first one, The Knitters Nest, in Frederick, CO. I came away with four skeins of Cotton Fleece in a beautiful Wisteria shade. Should make a beautiful sweater or shawl...haven't made up my mind yet.

I also snatched a skein of sock yarn...never have too much sock yarn.

We found another yarn shop in Boulder, CO Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins, Inc., Sock yarn again found it's way into my bag along with addi needles (which I love) and another book on socks... We noticed a beautiful scarf on display and sil fell in love with it. It was decided that she would learn to knit before investing in the yarn needed for that project and then she could make it for herself.

We were warmly greeted at both yarn shops and whenever I am in the area I will return.

My sister in law had mentioned in conversation that there was a Hobby Lobby in the area...of course we headed there as I had never been in one before. She purchased yarn and needles to use later that day...I taught her to knit which wasn't all that difficult...she has crocheted and it was so easy for her to pick up...thankfully. I picked up a couple skeins of Yarn Bee in a delicous Pink shade which will make a perfect Pink Ribbon Scarf.

During our visit we were fortunate to visit friends we hadn't seen in years. She was my "hair and nails girl" for years in addition to being a good friend. They had moved to Colorado some years ago. It was great to see her and her husband again. We do miss them very much.

Brother and wife took us to Blackhawk and Central City, two mining ghost towns brought back by casinos. We enjoyed the day so much that we returned later in the week, on both trips we came out losers...

On our trip home we did a pit stop...our grandson was was snowing. With bare hands he was making snow balls to throw at us.

I used my time in the car knitting dishcloths and working on a baby blanket for new grandson.

Oh, on the way home our youngest daughter took the needles and tried her hand at knitting...if she sticks with it she'll be a natural...

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