Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, finally the baby blanket is finished and packed, ready for Rhys to snuggle in. Daughter 'M' will be delivering it personally this weekend. I'll post a photo later. I am quite happy with it but it seemed to take forever to knit.

Now I must make the decision as to what 'big' project I'll work on next. I have socks on the needles (too many).

Not sure if I want to start 'Luscious Throw' or 'Beaded Scarf'...or both! We'll see which one grabs my hand.

Today though I must make a pillow. DGS forgot his pillow in a hotel while on vacation and asked if I would make him another. We found some material, Nascar of course, so I need to sew it up today.

I've been working on reorganizing my craft room. It is a total mess and I can't stand it anymore.

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