Friday, September 19, 2008

Senior Day

Today was Senior Day at the Kern County Fair

I wanted to see the Fine Arts Exhibit...that's all folks...and I must say that I was a bit disappointed.

Growing up going to the fair was a highlight! I loved every minute of it. There were plenty of animals, food, games, rides and a wonderful display of articles that the women, men and children of the county entered. All hoping for the blue ribbon!

I remember spending most of my time looking over all the entries...looking forward to the day that I would walk away with a blue ribbon of my own.

The haphazard way that the items were displayed was a major disappointment. I found myself going from one display to another and noticing that the rhyme or reason for the placement was confusing.

There were more quilts than anything and I noticed that very few were "handmade"...the majority being machine, don't get me wrong...I sewed my first quilt with a machine...only the piecing...the 'quilting' and finishing were done by hand.

I'm not sure if it was me or not but I also noticed that entries receiving 'First Place' or any other place were not of the caliber of work that one would expect. Not all but just some...I'm not an expert on anything...just my thoughts.

I think I'll need to mull over the decision if I wish to enter anything next year. I would like to know

a. Who does the judging

b. What is the criteria the judge looks at

c. What is the judge(s) expertise in the area of the item being judged

Not much to ask for...

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