Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another day gone

Hmmm, another weekend has ended and I must say that it was a bit uneventful.

Rest - we enjoyed it...

Hot - we lived through it...

It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow...we'll live through it also

Monday...I meet a group of ladies and we KNIT...and talk...and KNIT

This meeting starts my week off right. It is nice to get together with others who enjoy doing the same as you.

When we moved to this town four and half years ago we knew one family (not counting our youngest daughter and her family). We purchased a home 13 miles from the only people in town that we knew. We enjoy our home and neighborhood.

It wasn't until I joined a wonderful group online - - that I started meeting people. And not just people but people who enjoy knitting and talking.

Last Thursday three of us met at a beautiful park and enjoyed a couple hours knitting and talking. It was wonderful.

The meetings we have are meaningful and I enjoy them.

So guess I'll work on the socks tomorrow morning. Socks...yes...more than one sock...I have one on needles and one on a daloom extra fine gauge knitting loom...we'll see how they go...

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