Friday, June 6, 2008

New to me

Blogging is totally new to me...what am I supposed to blog about?
I've read quite a few blogs and all are different in their own way. Unique like their owners.
For now I think I'll just think.
About what you say?
Think about the friends I've made in this new town.
Think about having our dryer fixed or get a new one.
Think about the next knitting project I want to do.
Think about sitting in my courtyard.
Think about the kidlets that have graciously allowed me into their lives.
Think about knitting the heel on the sock that is on the needles.
Think about how much my husband loves me.
Think about the birds chirping away.
Think about the flowers blooming.
Think about vacuuming the carpet.
Think about how I learned something new today.
Think about making dinner.
Think about my children and what they are doing right now.
Think about my sisters and brothers and how much I miss them.
Yes, I have a lot to think about.
Right now, I think I'll go think while knitting that heel on the sock.

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