Wednesday, June 11, 2008



When our kidlets were little there were times when the washing machine or dryer would go out and we'd trudge down to the local laundromat. For some reason I thought those days were behind us. When we purchased our washer and dryer a mere four and half years ago for some reason I really didn't think they would break down so soon. Oh boy was I wrong.

Dryer broke...home warranty company had a repair company come out....six times...replaced six parts...then guess what...broke they have to replace two more parts (one that was already replaced)...but the repairman has to come to the house with his handy dandy little computer...and order the parts...they can't just order the parts and arrange for a day and time to put them the time all is said and done home warranty company will have paid more for the parts then we paid for the dryer to begin with.

So, now I am washing and hubby is taking to laundromat to dry. Which that is an experience in itself. they have a machine you put money in, a card comes out, you put card in slot on dryer/washer. No money but in that little machine that spits out a card....

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